Hello and thank you for visiting my website. 

Inspired by the pop stars of the 1960's and 70's and  by the heavy rock bands emerging from my home town of Birmingham, I first picked up the guitar at the age of eight. Determined to emulate my musical heroes I set about teaching myself  to play guitar just like them!

That is, until I heard a recording of 'Leyenda' played by the legendary Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia. Newly inspired, I sought out any classical guitar music I could find and it was not long before I discovered the wonderful recordings of Julian Bream and John Williams.

Captivated by the depth and versatility of the guitar I made it my ambition to master any piece of music regardless of style and genre.

I continue every day to build on this ethos with the aim of bringing to my audience a varied and inspiring programme.

My repertoire includes classical pieces from the Renaissance to Romantic periods through to modern works and my own compositions, which I hope you will enjoy.