My Ethos & Methods


The classical guitar is a difficult instrument to play well and many students come to me having given up...sometimes because they think they don't have the time, often they have become despondent or even bored because of what they perceive to be lack of progress.

My ethos is to provide my students with the skills that will enable them to PLAY THE INSTRUMENT regardless of style and genre!

Lessons are tailored to the age and ability of  the student and delivered informally, always with the aim of putting students at ease in order to make learning the guitar a pleasure... not a chore. 

Regarding technique, I firmly believe that utilising classical guitar techniques and exercises will provide students with a combination of physical and mental skills that gradually build their ability to play any style of music on the guitar.  

Many of my students arrive at their first lesson with an electric guitar wanting to play the latest rock or pop song - often because they are members of a local band, which is fine with me and by the end of that first lesson they usually have the song or tune ready to share with family and friends.

However, once I have explained that this limits them to just one style of music and after I have shown them what can be achieved, with a 'classical' training, across all styles on the solo guitar - they become enthusiastic and inspired. 



Teaching others to play the guitar has always been a thoroughly enjoyable and important element of  my career as a musician.

I began in my late teens and to this day I look forward to interacting with my students in face to face lessons.

For a number of years, after working my normal day job in the building industry, I taught in the adult education sector at various night schools in my home city.

Eventually, realising that my heart lay in music, I gave up the day job to focus on teaching.

So began my journey as a peripatetic tutor in mainstream education, both state and private (public) schools and colleges. 

Private, one to one lessons have usually taken place in students own homes.

Since the advent of COVID 19, I have been teaching lessons via online, which have been working really well.

Online teaching means that lessons can be really flexible in terms of time and duration, on any day of the week, from the comfort of your home.

 Many of my students want to achieve grades and I am always happy to help them work towards Royal School of Music examinations.